2015 A New Spring ! DICONEX, the french specialist for microwave resistive components & antenna systems has taken over DELTA OHM, another french microwave components manufacturer, expert in coupling & filtering systems, coaxial connectors and jumpers.

The cobranding between DICONEX & DELTA OHM, will enable us to reinforce our activities in the telecommunication business as well as developing technical and commercial synergies

New Products

Stripline: new loads & resistors « High Voltage »
complete the range  « High Power Broad Band » 1650W.

Coaxial: new loads & attenuators compact for
pulse application high voltage 10 kV.

High Power: new loads 10 kW «Silence» with more quiet ventilation
& depending of the power level.

Couplers: new products multi band LTE
& coupling systems 4G from 690 MHz to 3 GHz.

Jumpers: new products 3/8 superflex Low PIM for 4G.
 All lengths from 0,5 m to 6 m. 48 hours Delivery.

Antennas: tactical antenna system «AIR TRAFIC CONTROL».

All our components: couplers, jumpers, loads, attenuators, antennas…
make possible to answer to all radio engineering needs.




Low VSWR Stripline Terminations

High Power Stripline Terminations

High Power Stripline Resistors

Low PIM Coaxial Devices for LTE

6 GHz Loads & Attenuators up to 500 W

3 to 100 kW Power Load

Digital Calorimeter


Planar High Performance 23 GHz

Grids & Yagis 1.3 - 2.7 GHz

Dual Log for DVB

Wimax 2.4 GHz for Navy

HF Antennas

Tactical ATC for civil & military use